“Simple and easy way to share your ideas”

Dumogi was born from my struggles in my previous business. I own a small software development company, and we like to share our ideas. We do a lot of experiment and a lot of trial and error.

Everyone in our team is free to give feedback or share their thoughts for every idea we have. But, to accommodate all of our ideas was hard, sometimes we forget about some brilliant idea and important feedback and often we do something which previously already we did (usually which have a bad result)

I realize I need a tool to collaborate our ideas. Like Thomas Alva Edison, we need to try a lot of new things, but we need to know which works and not.

Right now, I have been working hard to make it happen. If you have same problem with me and need same tools, you can subscribe to our waiting list here

For pricing, I charge only $49/month limited for my early user. You can add unlimited ideas and feedback. Also, you can invite unlimited team member, sound good? If you have a question, just contact me

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