Build Your Happy Team

Managing team productivity and keep your team motivated is hard. We been working hard to solve this problem. Join our waiting list if you want to solve this problem

We Know, Manage People is Hard

Keeping your team productive and motivated is important for your company. But to keep them productive and motivated is challenging. This can hurt your company progress

Todo list, daily status update or standup meeting can't make your team productive, they only wasting your time.

Your team will be happy if their leader appreciated their hard work. We know, an unhappy employee can leave you anytime and will cost a thousand dollar to hiring and wasting a lot of time.

Dumogi is a simple solution for your team. Dumogi will be a platform where your team share their accomplishment and get feedbacks or compliments from their teammates. We believe this is will make your team more productive and motivated while improving team culture

If you’d like to use Dumogi, drop your email address here — I promise to give you 50% discount forever.

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